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Joseph Johnson and Thomas Andrika

“We give to Lambda Legal to support the basic belief that laws should be created to bring people closer together rather than keep them apart. Shared values are stronger than segregated values.”

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Know the laws in your state that protect LGBT people and people living with HIV.
Liberty Circle

The Liberty Circle is a select group of people who have made significant personal commitments to Lambda Legal and the fight for equality. Members of the Liberty Circle are essential partners in our work. Their exemplary commitment maintains the financial viability of the organization. From our early antidiscrimination litigation to our landmark Supreme Court victories, including Obergefell v. Hodges, Liberty Circle members have been instrumental in helping Lambda Legal make the case for equality and defend the rights of LGBT people and those with HIV.

Liberty Circle Membership contributions are immediately invested in our legal “Dream Team” to ensure that our lawyers can continue to focus on the issues that matter most to the LGBT community from protecting the right to free speech for LGBT students to fighting discrimination in the workplace to securing the protection of the U.S. Constitution to marry the person we love. With Liberty Circle support behind them, they can craft the most effective legal arguments, and use them in their tireless battles against pervasive injustice.

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Gifts can be made in single or monthly installments and are tax-deductible to the furthest extent of the law.

For more information, please navigate through the links below or contact Lambda Legal’s Member Services Department at 212-809-8585 or members@lambdalegal.org.