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Federal case seeking spousal health benefits for lesbian employee of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.
Case seeking to remove custody restriction forcing a same-sex couple to live separately in order to retain custody of a child
Man fired from a Subway restaurant after disclosing his HIV status
A federal case challenging California's discriminatory ballot measure, Prop 8, which eliminated same-sex couples' right to marry in that state.
Case arguing for joint adoption by same-sex couples
Case representing HIV positive man denied kidney transplant.
Case seeking custodial rights for a non-biological mother whose ex-partner used Ohio's constitutional amendment in an attempt to have her barred from seeing her children.
Case arguing that a doctor cannot refuse to perform surgery on a man because of his HIV status
Amicus brief criticizing the denial of immigration relief for the wife of a U.S. citizen.
Case seeking to maintain a joint custody agreement between two lesbian parents despite Ohio's antigay amendment
Case arguing for the rights of a non-biological parent to receive primary custody of a child if biological parent is unfit