Staff Profile: Mack Campbell

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Campbell, left, with boyfriend James Bruce
Campbell, left, with boyfriend James Bruce
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What do you do at Lambda Legal?  I work with volunteers on both coasts to engage our Liberty Circle donors and grow our support. Most of my work includes bragging on Lambda Legal’s work, how it changes lives and encouraging others to join me in making a donation.

What’s challenging about your job? Compressing the complexities and scope of our work into a fiveminute speech or 30-second conversation. From HIV discrimination to marriage equality, transgender cases to LGBT youth, I’m proud that we are the lawyers for the LGBT and HIV positive community and I’m so proud to call them my colleagues.

How did you first learn about Lambda Legal? After its victory in Lawrence v. Texas in 2003. I was a closeted gay man at a conservative college in central Texas. If I had come out (or was outed), I would have lost my scholarship and been kicked out. I lived in that fear every day. I work at Lambda Legal so that no one lives in fear for who they identify as or who they love.

What are you most proud of? I grew up poor (and homeless for a time). I struggled not only with paying for school but also reconciling the faith I was raised with and my sexuality. Today, I stand a proud gay man, recognizing that I stand on the shoulders of all those who came before me in this journey.

How do you decompress? I sing. I’m a baritone in the Turtle Creek Chorale, Dallas’s gay men’s chorus. Every Tuesday, I gather with 225 other men to rehearse and create music. We perform for more than 2,500 people at each of our four annual concerts. I’m also very proud of my work raising funds to build the Interfaith Peace Chapel and a new LGBT Community Center in Dallas—buildings that inspire and save lives.