Board Member Spotlight: Anne Krook

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Anne Krook
Lambda Legal board member Anne Krook (left) and her late wife, Kathleen (Kasz) Maciag
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How did you learn about Lambda? One of my work colleagues, Jennifer Cast, was a board member and Lambda Legal donor. When she discovered my interest in supporting LGBT issues, Jennifer invited me to a small house party that she hosted for women donors in Seattle.

Has our work impacted your life? My partner and I married in 2013, and she recently passed away. Lambda Legal has long worked for the concept of lived equality, not only legal victories, and in part because of their years of work on policy as well as litigation, Washington State has excellent protections for LGBTQ people. In the intensive care unit, I was able to focus on my wife because the University of Washington Medical Center staff accepted my place as her wife without question. I will be grateful to Lambda Legal forever for their role in making that happen.

What work do you do outside of your involvement with Lambda Legal? I’ve spent a long time in the technology industry, working with Amazon, then a start-up, and then product-design engineering firm. I now run my own business, helping companies to integrate young women into their workforces. I started my career in academics, and now I also help universities teach graduate students how to find nonacademic jobs.

What’s rewarding about your volunteer work with Lambda Legal? One of the things I care about most is helping the organization grow and adopt effective communication methods to reach the next generation of clients, supporters, and donors. I help the organization consider what new technologies to adopt: for example, I recently donated iPad minis so the events team can check in guests much more efficiently.