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Know the laws in your state that protect LGBT people and people living with HIV.
Rachel B. Tiven
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A generation from now, people will ask why we didn’t do more to fight back against Trump and Pence. They are packing the courts with judges who are distinguished primarily by their homophobia, transphobia and racism. Their reward is a permanent job judging our lives. Neil Gorsuch is the most prominent, but there are so many more. These are people who have crusaded against LGBT equality, rigged voting systems against Black people and rejected Brown v. Board of Education.

Lambda Legal is fighting back: the dossiers we prepare on these judges are Exhibit A at the Senate Judiciary Committee. But their records do not disturb Republican Senators and nearly every one has been approved on a partyline vote. Today, 1 in 10 judges on the Courts of Appeal— right below the Supreme Court—are Trump/Pence picks. (Read more on p.8) As a result, Lambda Legal will change our strategy in the decade ahead. We will prepare to go to trial more often and will rely on more pro bono support from law firms. We will sue in state court where we can, as the federal courts become poisoned against us. We will look for opportunities to try our cases in front of juries and we will work with state attorneys general to protect LGBT people and everyone living with HIV.

Of course, the irony is that right now we are winning more cases than ever. More and more courts are holding we are right when we say that LGBT discrimination is a kind of sex discrimination, and that both federal law and the Constitution protect us. We are winning cases for some of the most vulnerable LGBTQ people in America—transgender women in prison—and you can read on p.18 about how wonderfully one of our clients, Passion Star, is doing after her release.

We need your help. Our opponents are many times our size and they are determined to roll back marriage equality and undermine nondiscrimination law. I am asking you to make a bigger donation to Lambda Legal than you ever have before. If you can join the Liberty Circle—$1500/year or $125/month—please do. Please put Lambda Legal in your will or name us on your IRA. I promise we will be here fighting the bullies, many decades into the future.

Rachel B. Tiven
CEO, Lambda Lega