Donor Profile: Susan Rancourt and Annette Pittari

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Susan Rancourt and Annette Pittari
Susan Rancourt (left) and Annette Pittari on their wedding day. They have been monthly supporters of Lambda Legal for the past five years.

When Susan Rancourt and Annette Pittari met in Provincetown, Massachusetts in 1977, they found love at a time when it wasn’t necessarily safe to be out as lesbians. Immediately they knew there was an undeniable connection between them. “Our first dinner together, I absolutely fell in love with Annette, head over heels, because here was a person with values and ethics that were exactly what I wanted,” Susan shares. However, like many other LGBT people, the beginning of their relationship came with the struggle of being invisible outside of their home, having to pretend they were not a couple at work and in public.

As Susan and Annette became more active in the LGBT community and started participating in local Pride events in the years after they met, they started speaking openly about their sexual orientation. Susan took an active role in crafting and presenting the pitch for same-sex couples’ benefits to the executives at her workplace. “I worked for Apple back in the day,” she says, “and I am incredibly proud to say that Apple was one of the first companies in the United States to approve domestic partner benefits in 1993.”

Susan and Annette deeply appreciate the history of the struggle and accomplishments of the LGBT community and also believe that it is imperative that Lambda Legal’s work continues. “It’s wonderful how far our community has come but it’s also unbelievable how much work there is left to do, and that is exactly why we support Lambda Legal,” Susan asserts.

“We are still facing legal assaults against our community everywhere and we need to be able to fight each one of them back and win,” Susan chimes in, “because we want to do everything possible to ensure that our community and its younger generation are accepted and treated right in the world— the core reason why we give to Lambda Legal.”

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