Staff Profile: Alexis Paige

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Alexis Paige
“I try to think of a way to incorporate rainbows into my work. For example, whenever I create a binder I always try to have the divider tabs between sections create a rainbow.”

What do you do at Lambda Legal?

I assist the attorneys and my other coworkers in whatever projects they have. This can be anything from legal research, editing documents, to organizing data. Occasionally I have given presentations as well.

What’s something you’ve done at LL that most people don’t know about? Much of my work is confidential, and, as a legal assistant, much of the work I’ve done will never have my name on it. Among coworkers I would say the fact that I try to think of a way to incorporate rainbows into my work.

What was the last show you streamed? The musical episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The show definitely has problematic elements that really date it as something created in the 90s, but it’ll always hold a special place in my heart.

What has been the most surprising aspect of working at LL? Just how much everyone cares about each other here. I feel like my coworkers in the Midwest office are especially kind and caring people. I feel safe to talk to them about things like going to therapy or what’s happening in my life without being judged.

What are you most proud of? Currently it would be the fact that I started drawing and painting again.

Who inspires you? My coworkers, especially right now given the current state of things in the US. Every day I get to come in and assist some of the most brilliant people I have ever met as they try to help people and figure out ways to ensure that we don’t lose all the rights that we have gained the past several years. I will say that, if you were able to be in the room while they planned out the next four years, you’d be inspired too.

What’s on your bucket list? I guess my big goal would be to visit the Louvre with my girlfriend. It’s something that will probably take a few years for us to save for, but it would be so worth it.

What’s challenging about your job? When editing documents that are going to go to court, they have to be perfect. Imagine having to edit documents with the knowledge that even a single missed mistake could have devastating consequences for not just our clients, but everyone in our communities. Right now the most challenging thing about my job is the uncertainty caused by the current administration. That means that we are regularly having late nights and spending days prepping lawsuits that may or may not happen. It means we can react immediately to anything that Trump attempts, but it is challenging to try and maintain readiness for any scenario.

What’s rewarding about it? I get to go home every day feeling like I’ve done something that matters. It means that when I wake up I know I need to get up because everything that we do is affecting the lives of so many people in our communities. It’s hard work and sometimes I think that we all run the risk of burning out, but it’s work that lets us feel accomplished. Whether that is looking back on victories like Lawrence or Obergefell,or looking forward towards the Supreme Court in Evans, everyone at Lambda Legal is a part of making those cases and moments possible. Those moments mean a lot, and so does Lambda Legal for making them possible.