"During my time in middle school and high school, there wasn't much support for LGBTQ individuals such as myself. In middle school I was placed in detention and suspended because I was taunted, teased, and harassed by my peers. I never truly had support with being gay. Throughout middle and high school I was bullied and teased for the way I talked, walked, wore my clothes, etc. One day I was in middle school English class when I got into an altercation with another classmate. He yelled out to me ‘you and your mom are faggots.’ My reaction was so quick. Before I knew it, I slapped him across the face. Both of us were taken to the Vice Principal’s office and both of our parents were called in. We explained our sides of the story and he admitted to using a gay slur. But in the end, he received one day of in school suspension and mandatory anger management, whereas I received a week of out of school suspension and mandatory anger management. I was so upset that no one supported the fact that I was being teased and ridiculed in front of twenty other students.”

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