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Court panel restores rights of adopted kids
The Detroit News
8/4/2007"Should the legal ties between parents and their adopted child unravel if the family leaves the state where the adoption decree was handed down?"Of course, not. The very idea is outrageous.

Court Rejects Same-Sex Marriage Ban in California
The New York Times
Saying that it discriminates against gay men and women, a federal judge in San Francisco struck down California's voter-approved ban on same-sex marriage on Wednesday, handing supporters of such unions at least a temporary victory in a legal battle that seems all but certain to be settled by the Supreme Court

Court rules in favor of transgender editor at Legislature 12/6/2011
"The federal appeals court in Atlanta on Tuesday ruled in favor of a transgender woman who was fired from her General Assembly job after disclosing she was going to make the transition from man to woman.

Transgender Rights

Court throws out ban on exposing children to gays
Atlanta Journal-Constitution
6/15/2009"The Georgia Supreme Court on Monday threw out a judge's order that prohibited children in a divorce case from having any contact with their father's gay and lesbian friends."Beth Littrell, staff attorney for the Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund in Atlanta, said the visitation order was the most sweeping of its kind she had seen in Georgia.

Court to take up issue of same-sex benefits in Arizona
"Carrie Sperling and Sue Shapcott moved here from Texas in 2007 knowing that Arizona wouldn't recognize their same-sex marriage, but at least they would qualify for domestic partner benefits available to state employees because of Sperling's job with Arizona State University.

Marriage, Relationships and Family Protections

Court: La. must put 2 adoptive fathers on document
Associated Press
2/18/2010"Louisiana must put both fathers' names on the birth certificate of a boy adopted by a same-sex couple, the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Thursday.

Court: OK to require LGBT training for counselor 12/19/2011

Teens & Young Adults

Court: Texas Can't Stop Gay Divorce That's Granted
Fox News
1/10/2011 "The Texas attorney general can't block a divorce granted to two women who were legally married elsewhere, an appeals court ruled Friday.

Marriage, Relationships and Family Protections

Court: Vt. ruling stands in lesbian custody case
Associated Press
6/9/2008"Virginia's highest court ruled Friday that the state must enforce a Vermont court order awarding child-visitation rights to a mother's former lesbian partner.

Dallas judge clears way for gay divorce
Associated Press
10/2/2009"A Texas judge cleared the way for two Dallas men to get a divorce, ruling Thursday that Texas' ban on same-sex marriage violates the constitutional guarantee to equal protection under the law.

Anti-LGBT Rulings, Laws and Amendments