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Lambda Legal attorneys and leaders in the media.

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Community Leaders: Francisco Dueñas
February 2011 Francisco Dueñas, Coordinator of Lambda Legal's Proyecto Igualdad, was profiled in a cover story about Latino LGBT community leaders.

Cop with HIV wants hearing on application to APD 1/25/2012
"A man may get to argue in court that the Atlanta Police Department rejected his application to join the force only because he has HIV. "'How can we not remand this' back to the federal trial court? Judge J.L. Edmondson of the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said Wednesday after hearing from attorneys for less than 45 minutes.

Employment and Rights in the Workplace | HIV

Corzine Enters Dispute With United Parcel Service Over Who Is a Legal Spouse
The New York Times
7/21/2007"Gov. Jon S. Corzine of New Jersey sent a letter on Friday urging United Parcel Service to provide the same benefits for civil union partners as it does for married couples.

Couples line up to get civil union licenses
The State Journal-Register
"Civil unions became legal Wednesday in Illinois, granting both same-sex and heterosexual couples the same legal protections and responsibilities that married couples receive, including the ability to make medical decisions for an ailing partner and the right to inherit a partner's property.

Marriage, Relationships and Family Protections

Couples Not Rushing to Civil Unions in New Jersey
The New York Times
3/20/2007"Preliminary figures released on Tuesday show that 229 same-sex couples applied for civil union licenses in New Jersey in the first month since they became available, far fewer than the 1,700 who registered as domestic partners in the state within that option's first month in 2004...

Couples sue state over civil unions
Honolulu Star Advertiser
7/29/2010 "Having been together since 2005, Sean Smith and Kale Taylor are like many committed couples -- they want to make things official.

Marriage, Relationships and Family Protections

Court Backs Paterson Regarding Gay Unions
The New York Times
9/2/2008"Governor David A. Paterson was acting within his powers when he issued an executive order requiring government agencies to recognize same-sex marriages performed outside the state, a court ruled on Tuesday.

Court Backs School On Speech Curbs
The Washington Post
6/26/2007"The Supreme Court yesterday gave public schools new authority to regulate what students say, allowing principals to punish speech or demonstrations that may 'reasonably be viewed' as promoting illegal drug use.

Court dismisses suit by lesbian who couldn’t see dying partner at Miami’s Jackson Memorial Hospital
Miami Herald
9/29/2009"A federal court in Miami has dismissed a lawsuit filed by a Washington state lesbian who was not allowed to visit her dying partner at Jackson Memorial Hospital.

Health Care Fairness | Marriage, Relationships and Family Protections

Court hears arguments on Arizona law ending domestic partner benefits
The Tuscon Sentinel
"An Arizona law removing domestic partner benefits for state employees discriminates against same-sex couples because they can't get married to qualify, an attorney argued Monday before an appeals court panel.

Marriage, Relationships and Family Protections