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The Walls Are Tumbling Down 2/24/2012
"Although we still have a long way to go, it would be hard not to draw the conclusion that February 2012 is the month that the walls came tumbling down and the march toward marriage equality in this country became unstoppable."

The Right to Divorce
The New York Times
6/6/2009"When C.C. married C.M. in Massachusetts in 2005, they expected the marriage to be forever. The lesbian couple, who lived together on the Upper East Side, had been in a relationship for five years... But tensions set in, straining the marriage. There were health and financial issues, and the 'stress of a same-sex marriage.'

The Perils of 'Passing' as a Goal
The Huffington Post
A safe haven of invisibility rarely if ever exists for LGBT people. Prizing invisibility causes damage in and of itself, and subsequent incomplete or "failed" invisibility becomes a frank invitation for oppression.

The Marriage tent has room for all
The Gazette
11/25/2008"The room got quiet for a few moments when I asked Trish and Kate Varnum of Cedar Rapids and others fighting a court battle to make same-sex marriages legal in Iowa whether they would accept a so-called compromise.

The Loving Decision
11/15/2008"...Mildred Jeter and Richard Loving got married in Washington, D.C. They went home to Virginia, there to be rousted out of their bed one night by police and charged with a felony.

The Gay Grenade
The American Prospect

The DOMA Gag Rule?
Metro Weekly
"All of King & Spalding's employees – lawyers and non-lawyers – are barred from advocating for the Respect for Marriage Act – the bill that would repeal the Defense of Marriage Act – in the 112th Congress, according to the terms of the contract to defend DOMA that King & Spalding partner Paul Clement signed on the firm's behalf on April 14.

The California Marriage Tug-of-War
The Advocate
9/15/2009"'Everyone is lost in the 2010 versus 2012 discussion,' says Chad Griffin, board president of the American Foundation for Equal Rights, the group behind a federal lawsuit filed by prominent attorneys Theodore B. Olson and David Boies on behalf of two same-sex couples who were denied marriage licenses in California.

Marriage, Relationships and Family Protections

The Affirmative Power of Visibility
The Huffington Post
"When we get counted, we count. Our visibility can yield power. Lambda Legal and our sister civil rights organizations are supporting efforts to get lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people counted in the United States Census.

Texas College Refuses Lesbian a Job Interview
The Advocate
"A college in Texas is being sued for reportedly turning away a qualified teaching candidate because college administrators perceived her to be a lesbian.

Employment and Rights in the Workplace