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Judge upholds Wisconsin domestic partnership law
The Chippewa Herald
"A Dane County judge ruled Monday that the state’s Domestic Partner Registry does not violate the state Constitution. "In a 53-page decision, Circuit Court Judge Daniel Moeser said the registry, which went into effect Aug. 1, 2009, does not violate the Marriage Amendment to the state’s Constitution passed in 2006.

Marriage, Relationships and Family Protections

NY gay-marriage talks hinge on religious rights
The Associated Press
"Will the Knights of Columbus be required to open their halls for gay weddings if New York lawmakers legalize same-sex marriage? Will Catholic adoption agencies be forced to choose between placing children with gay married couples or leaving the business?

New Jersey’s Governor, Champion of Inequality
The New York Times
"New York’s approval of same-sex marriage was a testament to Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s political courage. In the New Jersey governor’s office, it is good sense that is in short supply on this issue.

Gay Couples to Sue NJ, Seeking Same-Sex Marriage
The Associated Press
"Seven gay and lesbian New Jersey couples, along with many of their children, are going to court to try to force the state to recognize gay marriage. "The families say in their legal complaint that the state's civil union law designed to give gay couples the same legal protections as married couples has not fulfilled that promise.

7 NJ couples file suit demanding gay marriage
The Associated Press
"Seven gay couples and many of their children filed a lawsuit Wednesday to demand New Jersey recognize gay marriage, saying it's the only way to solve inequities created by the state's four-year-old civil union law.

Feds Concede DOMA Fight in Bankruptcy Court
The bankruptcy case that became one of many battlegrounds in the fight over the Defense of Marriage Act has come to an end, with the Justice Department and congressional Republicans bowing out of the fight.

Anti-LGBT Rulings, Laws and Amendments | Employment and Rights in the Workplace | Marriage, Relationships and Family Protections

Justice for All: Eight years after the Supreme Court struck down sodomy laws, lawyer Paul Smith looks to the future of LGBT equality
Metro Weekly
On March 26, 2003, Paul Smith argued to the United States Supreme Court that the justices should declare sodomy laws unconstitutional under the U.S. Constitution—despite the court's opinion of less than 20 years earlier to the contrary.

As Same-Sex Marriage Becomes Legal, Some Choices May Be Lost
The New York Times
Now that same-sex marriage has been legalized in New York, at least a few large companies are requiring their employees to tie the knot if they want their partners to qualify for health insurance.

Employment and Rights in the Workplace | Health Care Fairness | Marriage, Relationships and Family Protections

2 dads' case goes to Supreme Court .
Wall Street Journal
"A gay rights organization is seeking Supreme Court review of the case of a gay couple who wanted both their names to appear on the birth certificate of the Louisiana child they adopted in New York.

Gay adoption case reaches Court
"A series of major constitutional disputes over the rights of gays and lesbians are developing in federal courts, and now the first of that new wave of cases has reached the Supreme Court: a significant test case on whether the Constitution protects same-sex couples’ rights as parents. The case, Adar v.