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What Gay Unions Don't Guarantee
The New York Times
10/31/2008"Three states ? Massachusetts, California and Connecticut ? have legalized same-sex marriage. "But...the question for gay couples is this: Is it worth it to tie the knot?"For many couples, the answer is a resounding yes: the word "married" itself instantly conveys something that civil unions and domestic partnerships do not.

Why Just One Wedding Isn't Enough For Some Gay Couples
The Wall Street Journal
10/30/2008"Daniel McNeil and Patrick Canavan joke they've been married four times ? to each other."The 'I do's' started with a Washington, D.C., church wedding in 1998. Since then, the two men, have chased evolving laws across the U.S. to secure a civil union in Vermont, a domestic partnership in the District of Columbia and a marriage in California.

NY court hears appeal in same-sex marriage case
Poughkeepsie Journal
10/17/2008"A state appeals court heard arguments today on whether New York can give equal benefits to same-sex couples married in other jurisdictions.The case comes from a decision by former Gov. Eliot Spitzer in May 2007 to let gay couples married out of state and employed by the state receive health benefits for their families.

Transgender Candidate Who Ran as Woman Did Not Mislead Voters, Court Says
The New York Times
10/06/2008"The Georgia Supreme Court ruled Monday that a transgender politician did not mislead voters by running for office as a woman."The court dismissed a lawsuit filed by two opponents of the politician, Michelle Bruce, who was born Michael Bruce, that said she disguised her sex while seeking re-election last year in Riverdale, Ga.

Transgender Rights

Georgia transgender politician wins legal battle
USA Today
10/06/2008"Georgia's top court ruled in favor of a transgender politician who was slapped with a lawsuit by two political opponents who claimed she misled voters by running as a woman.

Transgender Rights

Suit filed in '07 park sex sting
Johnson City Press
10/1/2008"One of the 40 men charged in a city park sex sting last year filed a federal lawsuit against the city and Johnson City Police Chief John Lowry because he says the police department gave his arrest excessive publicity.

Indiana High School Fails on Prom Dress Rights
The Advocate
10/1/2008 "On May 16, 2006 K.K. Logan arrived at his senior prom in a dress, which was not unexpected since his classmates and teachers knew of his 'deeply-rooted femininity.' Principal Diane Rouse did not allow Logan to enter, claiming his attire violated school policy.

Youth and Schools | Transgender Rights | Teens & Young Adults

Groups challenge school district over human rights law
9/15/2008"Eleven advocacy groups are taking issue with a claim that the East Meadow School District does not consider itself an 'education corporation or association.'

Youth and Schools | Teens & Young Adults

Court Backs Paterson Regarding Gay Unions
The New York Times
9/2/2008"Governor David A. Paterson was acting within his powers when he issued an executive order requiring government agencies to recognize same-sex marriages performed outside the state, a court ruled on Tuesday.

Transgender Ga. woman claims she was wrongly fired
Associated Press
7/23/2008"A former state employee claimed Tuesday in a federal lawsuit that top Georgia legislative officials fired her because she said she would come to work dressed as a female as she prepared for a sex-change procedure to transform from man to woman.

Transgender Rights