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Since the 1970s, Lambda Legal has made history through winning legal victories that allowed LGBT people and people with HIV to live their lives with greater dignity, safety and equality under the law.

The cases below offer a broad overview of legal matters Lambda Legal has pursued on behalf of LGBT people and people living with HIV during the most recent decades of our nearly 40-year history.

Transgender employment discrimination case in which a transgender woman was fired after she told her boss she would be transitioning.
Lawsuit filed in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of West Virginia arguing that West Virginia’s marriage ban unfairly discriminates against same-sex couples and their children.
Amicus brief defending a federal prisoner’s right to sue the U.S. government after sexual assault by a prison guard.
Case seeking regular visitation rights for a lesbian mother and the daughter she and her former partner had while in a Vermont civil union
In May 2009, Daniel James Rick had a sexual relationship with another man of unknown HIV status, D.B., in which they mutually agreed to not use condoms. In October 2009, D.B. learned that he too was HIV positive, and the two men had their final sexual encounter in November 2009.  After the relationship ended, D.B. sought prosecution of Mr. Rick under Minnesota’s “knowing transfer of a communicable disease” statute.
Case arguing against the termination of a school superintendent because he is gay
(Amicus) Custody case arguing that restricting 'exposure' to the gay friends of a parent on the sole basis of their sexual orientation is contrary to Georgia law and perpetuates prejudice and stigma against LGBT people.
Case charging Qwest Communications with failing to protect an employee from severe antigay harassment in the workplace
(Amicus) Case arguing for a student's First Amendment right to freedom of expression
Case arguing to return primary custody of a child to mother after she lost it because she is a lesbian
(Amicus) Case seeking to ensure effective access to antidiscrimination protections in business establishments for disabled Californians, including people living with HIV.