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Know the laws in your state that protect LGBT people and people living with HIV.

Fair and impartial state courts are critical to making the case for equality. The courts of all fifty states and the U.S. territories, along with the more than 30,000 state court judges, have broad authority to uphold or restrict the rights of LGBT people and people living with HIV. But the scales of justice are out of balance. The stunning lack of diversity in the judiciary of our state courts and the broken judicial election process for selecting judges in most states contributes to a biased system that threatens access to justice for LGBT people and people living with HIV. Lambda Legal’s new research and the growing body of evidence indicate that state judges facing election, often in increasingly expensive races, are ceding justice to politics. Something has to be done to restore public trust and basic fairness. Lambda Legal’s Fair Courts Project works to advance an independent, diverse and well-respected judiciary that upholds the constitutional and other legal rights of LGBT people and people living with HIV. It is our hope that this resource will support additional research, advocacy, litigation and policy efforts to strengthen fair and impartial state courts and ensure equal access to justice for everyone.

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