Note from the Co-Interim CEOs

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Dear Lambda Legal family,

As we wish our outgoing CEO Rachel B. Tiven well on her new endeavors, our eyes are focused on the future. The threats we currently face are meant to strike fear in the hearts of the LGBTQ community and everyone living with HIV. Forces opposed to our equality unabashedly seek to drive us back into the shadows. But we draw strength from the fact that we have lived through dark times before, and we have never given up. Remember, Lambda Legal had to fight for our very existence in 1973—and we have not stopped fighting for our community since.

While the forces of bigotry and hatred that have been unleashed by this administration may feel unprecedented and horrifying, the challenges and obstacles we face now are not really all that new. The team here at Lambda Legal knows what to do. We will keep bringing cases to move the law forward. We will keep fighting harmful policies wherever they are proposed and working with allies to advance the ball wherever we can. We will lift up the beauty of our stories and stand shoulder to shoulder with the broader civil rights community to fight for the kind of country that we want ours to be.

We approach this task with resolve but also with humility, as we know that we cannot succeed without the support and assistance of all of you. As Lambda Legal writes this next chapter of our history, we thank you for believing in this organization as much as we do.

Co-Interim CEO and Chief Operating Officer
Co-Interim CEO, Chief Strategy Officer and
Legal Director, Eden/Rushing Chair