Keeping the Pressure On Regarding Workplace Discrimination

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Know the laws in your state that protect LBGT people and people living with HIV.
May 4, 2012

Why doesn't President Obama issue an executive order banning federal contractors from discriminating on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity?

Lambda Legal Executive Director Kevin Cathcart tells the Associated Press:

I don’t know their rationale—it’s some bizarre political calculus. Are we being kept on hold for another year because some hypothetical group of voters is going to freak out over job protections?

As Cathcart points out in the piece, Lambda Legal's Help Desk receives hundreds of calls every year from LGBT people reporting workplace discrimination, which he says justifies keeping pressure on the Obama administration despite its record on LGBT rights.

“It’s true there’s been a lot of breakthroughs, but I don’t think breakthroughs happen without a lot of outside pressure,” he said.

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