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Know the laws in your state that protect LBGT people and people living with HIV.
June 11, 2013

Any day now, the U.S. Supreme Court may issue a decision in the DOMA and Prop 8 cases.

Meanwhile, federal courts across the country are ruling on cases that have a deep and lasting impact on the lives of LGBT people and those with HIV. With the Supreme Court only hearing about 80 cases each term, it is often these lower courts that have the final say on issues affecting our access to health care, safety in schools, employment protections and relationship recognition.

Yet, the federal courts—and the judges whose job it is to safeguard our civil rights—are not well understood by the public and many people fail to appreciate their importance.

There is currently a vacancy crisis on the federal bench that is delaying our access to justice. Nearly 1 in 10 federal judgeships is vacant and many Americans live in districts that have been declared a “judicial emergency.” Filling these vacancies is vital to ensuring Americans’ access to justice and protection.

We need your help.

The nomination and confirmation of judges who serve lifetime terms must be a priority!

There are a number of things community leaders and advocates can do to ensure that our nation’s courtrooms have a full complement of well-qualified and diverse judges who understand that “justice for all” applies to everyone!

Please join Lambda Legal, the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, the Equality Federation and the Center for American Progress for a free webinar to discuss the importance of the federal courts and learn what you can do to help relieve this vacancy crisis.

To join us for the webinar, register here.

For more information, check out our Why Federal Courts Matter to the LGBT Community factsheet.