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January 5, 2013
Lambda Legal clients Theresa Volpe and Mercedes Santos with their children.

After this week’s whirlwind of activity in the state legislature, we are certain of one thing - momentum for the freedom to marry is undeniable and growing stronger. Lambda Legal has been working in the Midwestern states to secure respect for our relationships and families for 20 years, and we will pursue every opportunity to get the job done. We look forward to continuing to work with Sen. Steans and Rep. Harris to win the freedom to marry here in Illinois.

If you live in Illinois and haven’t yet contacted your legislators in Springfield, click here to call them now and tell them to support the freedom to marry!

Our clients Mercedes and Theresa were able to testify at the Senate Executive Committee hearing on Thursday. Their children, parents, family and friends were with them through it all. If you missed their powerful testimony, you can read it here.

The work on our marriage lawsuit in Illinois, Darby v. Orr, will move forward steadily and we will keep using every tool and strategy available in our democracy to win justice.

The number and breadth of leaders and people across Illinois who support the freedom to marry is amazing. The state legislature should listen to their voices - to all our voices - and pass a marriage bill. Sign our ILove Marriage in Illinois petition and join us as we move forward.