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October 28, 2013

While the weather was cloudy and damp as we marched on Springfield last week, our spirit and commitment to the freedom to marry is burning bright.

We have a lot of work to do while the legislature is in session. This session will end on November 7, so: Every. Day. Counts. Call Your Representative and tell them to vote yes on the marriage bill in this session!

Just last week, Lambda Legal’s decade long fight in New Jersey came to an end when the state’s highest court said, “As a result, civil-union partners in New Jersey today do not receive the same benefits as married same-sex couples when it comes to family and medical leave, Medicare, tax and immigration matters, military and veterans’ affairs, and other areas. The State Constitution’s guarantee of equal protection is therefore not being met.”

The same is true here in Illinois. In fact, same-sex couples everywhere suffer the same risks and hardships when the state stands in the way of fairness. Illinois can end this unfairness and provide the freedom to marry to same-sex couples by voting right now.

Call your state representative.

Every. Day. Counts.

Learn more about our ILove Marriage in Illinois campaign.