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November 19, 2012

From the New York Times.

Holiday cards that really catch my eye, either for their brilliance or buffoonery, tend to be trying too hard. My sin, on the other hand, is not trying hard enough. I either don't send out a card at all, producing a low-grade guilt that dogs me into the New Year, or slap together a family picture on Thanksgiving weekend, my kids' grins matching the forced lineup. What does our card convey? Merely that I've gotten it done.

But our holiday greetings this year may reveal quite a bit more. I figured I was ahead of the game as I scanned a small cache of professional photos taken last summer on our Disney vacation, relieved it could produce at least one (highly unoriginal) Christmas card contender. But even though my four kids range from 12 to 20, it's still tricky to find an image in which their eyes are all open, they're actually facing the camera and they're not subtly torturing one another. Quickly I noticed that the best prospects also display the bright purple shirt sported by my eldest, its Lambda Legal logo splashed across his chest.

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