Lambda Legal Stands With Dr. Blasey Ford, Who Bravely Came Forward to Share Private Experiences of Sexual Assault on National Stage

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September 27, 2018
Dr. Christine Blasey Ford

We applaud Dr. Blasey Ford’s strength and courage in coming forward today to detail the account of the sexual assault that she experienced at the hands of Judge Kavanaugh.

Dr. Blasey Ford had nothing to gain in coming forward, yet in doing so, she was forced to relive the trauma of that experience in front of the entire country and as a result of sharing her story, she and her family have been the target of constant harassment and death threats. Her testimony was serious, credible and deeply moving.

We stand with Dr. Blasey Ford and the other women who have bravely come forward to share their stories, and we are grateful to Senator Booker for introducing into the record of today’s proceedings the letter of support from Lambda Legal and 60 other national, state, and local LGBT organizations calling on the Senate to properly investigate these allegations.

That this has not happened is inexcusable, and amounts to a total abdication of their constitutional duty.