Sessions Would Put LGBT Rights at Grave Risk

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January 9, 2017

Sen. Jeff Sessions has shown over and over how much he disdains LGBT people. He:

  • Supported adding a permanent amendment to the U.S. Constitution to prevent marriage equality;
  • Opposes open military service by LGBT people;
  • Opposes protecting LGBT people from being fired from their jobs;
  • And even voted against the federal Hate Crimes law.

The Attorney General is the top lawyer in the land. Their job is to enforce the law and protect the civil rights of everyone in this country.

Jeff Sessions has demeaned and dismissed LGBT people at every turn – especially those of us who are also immigrants, women and people of color. He is a lifelong opponent of civil rights, and he is unfit to serve as Attorney General.

At Lambda Legal we are particularly disturbed by Senator Sessions’ current co-sponsorship of the First Amendment Defense Act, a bill that should really be called the “Fostering American Discrimination Act.” It would allow any corporation, organization or person to ignore federal laws that conflict with their personal religious beliefs about marriage.

If passed, this despicable legislation would invite discrimination against LGBT people in virtually all sectors of public life, including employment, housing, education and health care.

Sen. Sessions has failed to be a champion for all Americans by actively and intentionally working to strip human dignity from those he has sworn to serve.

We urge Congress to reject his appointment.

Read the press release.