Infographic: Possible Supreme Court Marriage Equality Outcomes

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June 8, 2015


The Supreme Court decision on marriage equality is expected in June. Check out our handy infographic (below) to see the three potential decisions the Court could make, and what they each could mean. (Scroll down for text version.)

supreme court scotus marriage equality outcomes

(Click to enlarge.)

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QUESTION 1: Do same-sex couples share the constitutional right to marry or can states refuse to issue them marriage licenses?

QUESTION 2: Do states have to recognize marriages entered by same-sex couples outside the state?


YES ON 1, YES ON 2: The Constitution protects same-sex couples' freedom to marry throughout the nation. All state marriage bans become invalid. YES ON 1 automatically means YES ON 2.

NO ON 1, YES ON 2: The Constitution does not provide same-sex couples the right to marry. States must, however, recognize marriages same-sex couples have entered outside the state.

NO ON 1, NO ON 2: The Constitution does not provide same-sex couples the right to marry or to have their out-of-state marriages recognized. Laws banning marriage for same-sex couples are upheld.