Lambda Legal Condemns Toxic Texas Marriage Bill, As Legislature Braces for Vote Tomorrow

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May 11, 2015

Tomorrow, the Texas state House of Representatives will consider HB 4105, a bill which would bar local and state officials from granting, enforcing or recognizing marriage licenses for gay and lesbian couples, and further prohibit public funds from being used to do so. The bill puts Texas in a precarious place by inviting Indiana-style backlash, and if passed, would enshrine discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people in Texas state law.

Join Lambda Legal in saying #IDO to marriage equality!

Supporters of the bill, led by State Representative Cecil Bell (R-Magnolia), have reportedly said that their goal is to defy a potential June Supreme Court ruling that may grant the freedom to marry to same-sex couples throughout the country.

Eric Lesh, Lambda Legal’s Fair Courts Project Manager, issued the following statement in anticipation of tomorrow’s vote:

This irresponsible attempt to defy a potential marriage ruling from the Supreme Court is as shameful as it is harmful. Texas HB 4105 prohibits any state or county employee from recognizing, granting or enforcing marriage licenses of same-sex couples.

“What is even more disturbing is that this bill is only one of more than 20 anti-LGBT bills currently under consideration in the Texas State Capitol. The continued push for such blatantly discriminatory legislation illustrates that the Texas legislature is determined to demean LGBT people while confusing state employees who must follow the law set by the highest court in the country. The Texas legislature does not and should not get to pick and choose which parts of the U.S. Constitution it will follow.

Read the press release.