Planning the Future of the LGBT & HIV Movement

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February 3, 2015

This Wednesday in Denver, more than 3,500 activists, organizers and leaders in the LGBT and HIV rights movement from across the country, including representatives from Lambda Legal, will gather to discuss and strategize the future of the LGBT movement at the five-day Creating Change conference.

We’re at a pivotal point in the LGBT and HIV rights movement, but there’s still much work to be done.

LGBT and HIV+ communities, particularly trans women of color, are still criminalized and systematically neglected by law enforcement, schools and administrations, courts and prisons, and correctional facilitates. Immigration law still unjustly burdens and marginalizes LGBT immigrants. There is still a desperate need for federal employment non-discrimination legislation. On these issues and many others, Lambda Legal is committed to fighting and lending a voice in the continuing dialogue.

Click here to see a full list of Lambda Legal's sessions at Creating Change 2015.

At Creating Change, Lambda Legal community educators, attorneys and other staff will be leading and presenting at more than a dozen educational and strategy sessions. We will bring our joint expertise and legal knowledge to bear on a wide assembly of issues, ranging from the needs of LGBTQ elders of color, workplace activism and coalition building and access to justice in the courts for communities that are systemically disenfranchised.

We will also be creating dialogues on family acceptance and coming out in families of color, transgender and queer immigrants’ rights and action organizing, and police violence and the criminalization of LGBTQ communities.

At the conference, we will ask attendees to share their experiences with police, school security, courts and the prison system as part of our Share Your Story campaign. We will also ask attendees to sign on to our petition calling on Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas to implement and abide by the PREA standards and help stop prison rape in Texas.

If you won’t be in the Mile-High City, you can still follow along during the week with our live tweets at @LambdaLegal, or hashtag #cc15.