Supreme Court Allows All Marriage Decisions to Stand: Marriages Will Begin Soon in Five States

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October 6, 2014

The U.S. Supreme Court today allowed marriage case decisions from the Seventh Circuit, Fourth Circuit and Tenth Circuit Courts of Appeal to stand meaning that same-sex couples in five more states Indiana, Wisconsin, Virginia, Utah and Oklahoma will be able to marry – perhaps as soon as later today.

This means victory in five more states including in Lambda Legal’s Indiana and Virginia cases where the stays have expired immediately and couples can begin marrying. This is historic – the Supreme Court has chosen not to stand in the way of love.

Teleconference: Members of the public and the media are invited to join Lambda Legal on a special teleconference at 6:00pm ET today - 10/6/2014 to discuss what the happened today at the Court.

This also means that the other courts with pending cases in the Fourth, Seventh, and 10th Circuits should quickly issues orders allowing same-sex couples to marry there, as they are bound by the rulings of those federal courts of appeal.  That means same-sex couples in Colorado, Kansas, North Carolina, South Carolina, West Virginia, and Wyoming who want to marry should be able to soon start to plan their weddings as well. 

Now we need a national solution so that, no matter where they live, same-sex couples can have access to the dignity and respect that only marriage can provide. Lambda Legal will continue to represent couples across the country – including in Arizona, Georgia, Louisiana, Nevada, North Dakota, Ohio, Puerto Rico, Texas, and West Virginia, where we have cases pending – as we fight for them and all other couples in the country to share the freedom to marry soon.

Lambda Legal will provide more information as we continue to process today’s developments.

Read the press release.