Lambda Legal Issues Warning on North Carolina's Antigay Amendment One

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May 8, 2012

After the passage of Amendment One in North Carolina, Lambda Legal issued the following statement from Camilla Taylor, National Marriage Project Director:

"We are disappointed about the passage of Amendment One because it adds insult to injury in a state that already denies marriage equality. Be Warned: We have seen time and again how antigay forces use these measures first to denigrate lesbian and gay couples and their children, and then to attempt to deny these families a range of basic protections that have nothing to do with marriage--but we will fight these efforts until the day we erase marriage discrimination from the laws of North Carolina.

"While this is a discouraging loss, we know the battle isn’t over. By increasing margins, people in this country support equality, and we are moving towards the day when antigay measures will lose at the ballot box. Our opponents celebrate today, but their celebration will be short lived.

"We thank our sister organizations and all our allies across the state of North Carolina who worked tirelessly to fight against the amendment. It is heartening to see how much energy the LGBT community and our allies, especially faith leaders, put into this campaign.”