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Know the laws in your state that protect LBGT people and people living with HIV.
  • Plaintiff Couples in Lambda Legal's Iowa Marriage Lawsuit: Varnum v. Brien

    Meet Kate and Trish, David and Larry, Dawn and Jen, Ingrid and Reva, Jason and Chuck, and Bill and Otter.

  • Victories Across the Country

    Lambda Legal is the leading national legal organization dedicated to achieving full civil rights for LGBT people and people with HIV, and we have had an exceptional year. Our high-impact cases and educational programs continue to serve our mission by securing new and expanded legal protections and by amplifying our message in public forums.

  • Impact Magazine Fall 2008

    "Impact Magazine Fall 2008" cover

    John Paul Stevens is one of the nine justices who currently sit on the Supreme Court. He clearly understands the role of judges in America and has been on the majorities issuing important victories for our communities, from Romer v. Evans to Lawrence v. Texas. He is nearing retirement.

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  • The Legal Rights of Registered Domestic Partners in Oregon

  • Impact Magazine Summer 2008

    "Impact Magazine Summer 2008" cover

    In 1986, I sat in the U.S. Supreme Court gallery when the Court heard Bowers v. Hardwick, a challenge to Georgia’s sodomy law. In a shamefully homophobic decision, the highest court in our nation said it was perfectly legal to brand lesbians and gay men as criminals. I was utterly devastated and vowed that we would do everything in our power to fight back.

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  • Washington's Domestic Partnership Law: A Brief Overview

    Lambda Legal has created, with assistance from other organizations, a trifold brochure to let you know what your rights are under Washington's new domestic partnership law and to answer some common questions.

  • The Legal Rights of Registered Domestic Partners in Oregon - A Detailed Look

    This publication explains some of the rights and responsibilities the law provides for domestic partners, the legal differences between registering as domestic partners and getting married, who can register and how

  • In My Own Words

    As Lambda Legal celebrates its 35th anniversary, we take a moment to look back and reflect on our humble yet ambitious beginnings. We are pleased to present a special edition of In My Own Words, shared with us by one of our founders, Bill Thom.

  • Impact Magazine Winter 2008

    "Impact Magazine Winter 2008" cover

    Lambda Legal recently took up a case on behalf of the Hudson Valley, New York, LGBTQ Community Center, after its application for a nonprofit property tax exemption was denied. Although the center’s mission clearly entitles it to the exemption, the city of Kingston did not see it that way. W

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  • Arc of History

    Let us realize the arc of the moral universe is long but it bends toward justice. —Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. In less than two decades, I witnessed the arc of history bending toward justice.