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Retirement assets left to non-federally recognized spouses are subject to high estate and income taxes. When left to Lambda Legal, the full value of your remaining retirement assets will go directly toward our fight for equality. That’s why many donors name Lambda Legal as the beneficiary of their retirement plans and provide for their loved ones through other means.

To make a gift of retirement assets, you can simply name Lambda Legal as the beneficiary or contingent beneficiary of all, or part of, your retirement plan. When you pass away, or if your beneficiary does not survive you, the remaining assets will pass to Lambda Legal.

If you are able to provide for your loved ones through other means, making a gift of retirement assets to Lambda Legal may save your partner the significant burden of paying both estate and income taxes on the assets.

Keep in mind: There are many ways to get income in retirement: company pensions, 401(k)s, 403(b)s, IRAs, Social Security, and so on.

This information is not intended as legal advice. For more information about life-planning vehicles and making a planned gift to Lambda Legal, be sure to consult with a professional who is familiar with the laws in your state. For help finding a professional in your area, contact our Office of Planned Giving at 206-588-1938 or