Sample Educational Forum for People of Faith

Courtesy of the New Jersey Religious Coalition for the Freedom to Marry

PROGRAM: The Freedom to Marry: People of Faith Support Same-Sex Couples!

  • Welcome & Invocation

  • NJ Religious Coalition for the Freedom to Marry
    Mission description and goals for this forum.

  • Voices of Faith
    Clergy deliver statements / sermons about why it's important for people of faith to support equality in civil marriage, and to endorse the Marriage Resolution.

  • Music

  • Voices of Same-sex Couples
    Same-sex couples tell from personal experience the harms they have faced by being denied access to civil marriage.

  • Voices of Families and Allies
    Family, friends, and ally organizations talk about why they support marriage equality.

  • Music

  • Call to Action
    Deliver clear, concise actions that people in attendance can take. List them in the program as well.

  • Benediction

    NJ RCFM Steering Committee
    Name (denomination), congregation, city

CALL TO ACTION [program insert]
The New Jersey Religious Coalition for the Freedom to Marry

1. Endorse the Marriage Resolution, a statement of support already endorsed by more than 130 clergy and 40 congregations in New Jersey!

2. Join in Marriage Sermon Sabbath. Have your congregation be a part of Marriage Sermon Sabbath. Give a sermon or provide brief comments about the importance of people of faith standing up for social justice and civil right of same-sex couples to marry.

3. Write a letter to the editor of your local paper. See the sample on reverse.

4. Attend the NJ RCFM informational meeting.