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Out At Work

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Know the laws in your state that protect LBGT people and people living with HIV.
A Tool Kit for Workplace Equality

More and more LGBT people are coming out at work. No matter where you work or what you do, you’ll feel more secure in your job if you know your rights. For more than three decades, workplace equality has been a top priority for Lambda Legal. We have created this tool kit to give you the information you need to help guide you through your work life.

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Cover, Introduction, Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Laws and Legal Protections

  • Federal Laws - 5
  • State and Local Laws - 8
  • Other Laws That May Protect You - 10
  • Download Chapter 1

Chapter 2: Workplace Issues for LGBT People and People with HIV

  • The Basics - 11
  • Coming Out - 14
  • Domestic Partnership Benefits - 16
  • Gender Identity and Expression - 19
  • HIV - 22
  • Allies and Unions - 25
  • Download Chapter 2

Chapter 3: What to Do if You Experience Discrimination

  • If You Face Discrimination - 27
  • Some Forms of Discrimination - 29
  • Other Important Job Rights - 34
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Resource Guide


  • Rate Yourself as a Workplace Ally
  • Is This an LGBT- and HIV-Friendly Workplace?
  • Documenting Harassment and Discrimination
  • Tracking State and Local Laws & Policies
  • Download the Worksheets