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Washington's 2007 Domestic Partnership Law — A Detailed Look 05/28/2007

Lambda Legal has created, with assistance from Q-Law, a publication to let you know what your rights are under this new law and to answer some common questions.

Denying Access to Marriage Harms Families 05/21/2007

The harms to families from discrimination in marriage have been a significant part of Lambda Legal’s caseload over the years. This document is a partial list of the harms that concern families, with examples from Lambda Legal’s prior work.

Law Against Discrimination Protecting Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender People in Washington 05/14/2007

A Lambda Legal fact sheet about Washington State's new anti-discrimination law

The Continuing Relevance of Stigma and Discrimination 03/08/2007


The Importance of Informed Consent and Counseling In HIV Testing 03/08/2007


A Summary of Evidence of the Importance of Specific Written Consent and Pre-test Counseling in HIV Testing 03/08/2007

Excerpt: "Increasing the numbers of people living with undiagnosed HIV who get tested, so that they will learn their status and get into care earlier, has our support. But expanded testing should be done with specific, written consent and after some counseling, for the reasons summarized below...."

Dispelling Myths About CDC's New Recommendations Regarding HIV Testing, Informed Consent and Pre-test Counseling 03/08/2007


The Oregon Equality Act 02/14/2007

In 2007, the State of Oregon enacted the Oregon Equality Act (also known as SB2), the landmark law to protect lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people from discrimination.

The State of HIV Stigma and Discrimination in 2007 02/07/2007

Lambda Legal has a long history of fighting in the courts for the rights of people living with HIV. This includes winning the first HIV discrimination lawsuit in the country, filing legal briefs in major U.S. Supreme Court cases involving the Americans with Disabilities Act, including Bragdon v. Abbott, Univ. of Alabama v. Garrett, and Toyota Motor Mfg., Kentucky v.

Civil Unions for Same-Sex Couples in the State of New Jersey 02/06/2007

On October 25, 2006, in Lewis v. Harris, Lambda Legal won a declaration from the New Jersey Supreme Court that barring same-sex couples from the rights and benefits of marriage violated the constitutional promise of equality.