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Sexual Orientation and Gender Expression in Social Work Education: 11/02/2009

Gear Up! A Fair Courts Toolkit for Everyday Advocates 12/31/2009

Request your free Gear Up! a Fair Courts Toolkit for Everyday Advocates. Lambda Legal has developed this toolkit so advocates like you can get informed, and to provide a simple training to your community. The toolkit's basic message is that in order to protect our fair court system, everyone must be involved.

Fair Courts Project

Equality on the Move 01/15/2010

Impact Magazine Winter 2010 02/01/2010

Features That Night in September Three men in a recently launched lawsuit speak out about the chilling police raid of the Atlanta Eagle bar.

Out, Safe & Respected for Educators and Parents 02/01/2010

This booklet is designed to help parents and educators develop safe, nurturing school environments for lesbian, gay, bixexual, transgender and questioning (LGBTQ) students.

Teens & Young Adults | Youth and Schools

When Health Care Isn't Caring 02/01/2010

This survey is the first to examine refusal of care and barriers to health care among LGBT and HIV communities on a national scale. We hope that these data will influence decisions being made about how health care is delivered in this country now and in the future.

Health Care Fairness

Health Care Fairness for LGBT People and People Living with HIV: 03/03/2010

Frequently Asked Questions About Marriage Recognition for Same-Sex Couples in Maryland 03/08/2010

Plaintiffs in the New Jersey Marriage Lawsuit: Lewis v. Harris 03/09/2010

Tax Considerations for Same-Sex Couples 03/25/2010

The pursuit of marriage equality for same-sex couples brings much-needed focus to the everyday needs of lesbian and gay couples. Without full legal recognition and protections, same-sex couples confront a variety of complicated legal and financial issues — including numerous tax matters.

Adoption and Parenting | Marriage | Marriage, Relationships and Family Protections | Same-Sex Relationships