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Plaintiffs in the Hawai`i Civil Unions Lawsuit: Young v. Lingle 07/28/2010

Your Right to HIV Treatment in Prison and Jail 07/16/2010


Status of Same-Sex Relationships Nationwide 07/15/2010

Contents Jurisdictions with marriage equality Jurisdictions that give the benefits and responsibilities of marriage but with a label of inferiority such as civil union or domestic partnership

Marriage | Marriage, Relationships and Family Protections | Matrimonio, relaciones de pareja y protección familiar | Same-Sex Relationships

HIV Criminalization: State Laws Criminalizing Conduct Based on HIV Status 07/12/2010


The Legal Rights of Civil Union Partners in Hawai`i 06/18/2010

Impact Magazine Summer 2010 06/01/2010

Features Uncivil Union Lambda Legal is fighting to make sure New Jersey delivers what its Supreme Court has already mandated: equality

Cuando la atención a la salud no pone atención 06/01/2010

Cuando la atención a la salud no pone atención: Encuesta de Lambda Legal sobre la discriminación contra personas LGBT y personas con el VIH es la primera a escala nacional en analizar los problemas que enfrentan las comudidades LGBT y de personas con el VIH al buscar atención a la salud.

Igualdad en la atención a la salud

Resources for Professionals Serving LGBTQ Youth in Out-of-Home Care 05/07/2010

Making the Case for Women and Equality 04/01/2010

Tax Considerations for Same-Sex Couples 03/25/2010

The pursuit of marriage equality for same-sex couples brings much-needed focus to the everyday needs of lesbian and gay couples. Without full legal recognition and protections, same-sex couples confront a variety of complicated legal and financial issues — including numerous tax matters.

Adoption and Parenting | Marriage | Marriage, Relationships and Family Protections | Same-Sex Relationships