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15 Ways HIV Criminalization Laws Harm Us All 09/20/2013

Lambda Legal is working to repeal or reform HIV criminalization laws throughout the United States. An HIV criminalization law is one that specifically targets and punishes people living with HIV for engaging in conduct that would otherwise be legal if not for the person’s HIV status. Most of these laws do not require transmission of HIV and are based on the mere failure to announce one’s medical condition to a potential partner prior to engaging in sexual contact. Below we describe 15 ways these laws harm public health, result in unjust prosecutions, and serve primarily to stigmatize and oppress people living with HIV.


8 Things Same-Sex Couples Need to Know About Taxes 02/07/2014

It's tax season - and for married same-sex couples, it's a new world! Since the Supreme Court struck down Section 3 of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), the federal government now recognizes the marriages of same-sex couples.

A Summary of Evidence of the Importance of Specific Written Consent and Pre-test Counseling in HIV Testing 03/08/2007

Excerpt: "Increasing the numbers of people living with undiagnosed HIV who get tested, so that they will learn their status and get into care earlier, has our support. But expanded testing should be done with specific, written consent and after some counseling, for the reasons summarized below...."

Acceso igualitario a baños públicos 06/18/2013

Transgender Rights

Achieving Health Care Fairness 08/31/2009

Advocating for Insurance Coverage of Your Medical Needs 12/01/2010

If you are denied insurance coverage for transition-related health care, consider taking these steps:

After DOMA

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After DOMA: Bankruptcy

After DOMA: Benefits and Protections for Civilian Federal Employees and their Spouses

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