Pledge your support for marriage in Illinois!

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ILove marriage equality in Illinois, and I pledge to support the fight to win the freedom to marry!
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By signing our pledge, you are standing up to support marriage for same-sex couples in Illinois.

In May, Lambda Legal filed a lawsuit on behalf of 16 same-sex couples and their children seeking the freedom to marry.

And now, the Illinois State Legislature is poised to vote on a bill that if passed would allow same-sex couples in Illinois to marry.

By signing our pledge, you are standing up for couples like Mercedes and Theresa from Chicago, whose relationship was questioned during a medical emergency with their son. You are demanding dignity for same-sex couples like Bert and Lee from Springfield, together for 27 years, or Jim and Patrick from Chicago, together almost 50 years.

Whether we win in the legislature or in court, sign the pledge to show your support for the freedom to marry in Illinois!



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