Henry v. Himes* (formerly Henry v. Wymyslo)

Nature of Claims: 
Seeking only recognition of marriages entered by same-sex couples in other jurisdictions
Lambda Legal; Gerhardstein & Branch Co., LPA; Newman & Meeks Co., LPA

Filed 2/10/14.  Motion for declaratory relief and permanent injunction filed 2/28/14.  At 4/4/14 hearing, the judge indicated he would issue a decision on 4/14/14 that marriages entered by same-sex couples outside the state must be recognized for all purposes and that adoptions secured by same-sex couples in other states must be given full faith and credit.  On 4/14/14, he did so.  On 4/15/14, defendant filed a motion to stay, which the district court on 4/16/14 declined to enter as to the named plaintiffs, but otherwise granted.  The case was docketed with the 6th Circuit on 5/12/14, and, on 5/20/14, was consolidated with the Obergefell v. Henry appeal for purposes of argument.  Appellant’s brief was filed on 6/10/14; appellees’ brief was filed 7/8/14; and appellant’s reply brief was filed on 7/15/14.  Oral argument was held 8/6/14.  Awaiting decision.

Thursday, August 7, 2014