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High Court Deletes Citizens Remedy for Disability Discrimination

(NEW YORK, February 21, 2001) — A Supreme Court ruling has stripped away individuals with disabilities’ primary means of recourse when states discriminate against them, a move that Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund said Wednesday demands that the federal government step up its role in enforcing states’ compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Wisconsin Court Upholds Partner Benefits Plan by Madison School District

(CHICAGO, February 8, 2001) — In yet another blow to scattered efforts across the country to overturn domestic partner benefits plans, a Wisconsin appeals court unanimously upheld a Madison Metropolitan School District policy that provides benefits to “designated family partners” of district employees, Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund said Thursday.

Gay Man's Right to Retain Home Goes Before Washington's Highest Court

(LOS ANGELES, February 8, 2001) — Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund urges the Washington Supreme Court to overturn a ruling that stripped a man of his home and business following the death of his partner of nearly three decades and affirm that gay couples are protected by Washington’s law of equity.

Religious Leaders Affirm Their Support for Gay People's Freedom to Marry

(CHICAGO, February 7, 2001) With Valentine's Day approaching, many couples are celebrating their special relationships, and take for granted their freedom to marry. But lesbian and gay couples, despite great advances, still are barred from civil marriage, its social recognition, as well as hundreds of legal protections.

Seeking to end that inequity, religious and community leaders are joining together in Chicago to support same-sex couples on National Freedom to Marry Day on Monday, February 12, said Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund.

Gay Couples, Clergy, Politicians Join for National Freedom to Marry Day

(NEW YORK, February 7, 2001) — In over a dozen cities and towns around the country, religious clergy members and other community leaders are planning to mark National Freedom to Marry Day by calling on the public to support the right of same-sex couples to marry, Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund said Wednesday.

Illinois Judicial Panel Files Complaint Against Judge for Blocking Gay Adoptions

(CHICAGO, February 5, 2001) — The Judicial Inquiry Board of Illinois issued an eight-count complaint Monday against a Cook County judge for allowing her anti-gay biases to interfere with adoptions sought by two lesbian families. The inquiry board will prosecute the complaint and seek appropriate sanctions before the Illinois Courts Commission.

Anti-Gay Bias Prevalent in California Court System, New Report Says

(LOS ANGELES, February 2, 2001) — A new report by the Judicial Council of California says that anti-gay bias is a major problem in the court system statewide, with over half of lesbians and gay men reporting anti-gay comments or actions when sexual orientation became an issue, and nearly a third of court employees believing that it is unsafe for them to come out in the workplace.

Lambda to Brief Media on Key Issues in Gay Civil Rights for 2001

(LOS ANGELES) — Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund will describe key national and regional civil rights concerns for the year at a media briefing in Los Angeles, said Lambda Executive Director Kevin M. Cathcart.

At a breakfast briefing on Friday, February 2 at 9:30 a.m., top legal strategists from Lambda’s headquarters in New York and Western Regional Office in Los Angeles will identify leading discrimination problems facing the gay community.

John Ashcroft is Not Qualified to Be Attorney General

(NEW YORK, January 12, 2001) — The nation’s largest and oldest legal organization dedicated to gay civil rights issued a statement Friday opposing John Ashcroft’s nomination as United States Attorney General, pointing to the former Missouri senator’s record of bias against lesbians and gay men and the equality of many other Americans.