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Groundbreaking Legal Settlement is First to Recognize Constitutional Right of Gay and Lesbian Students to be Out at School & Protected From Harassment

(San Francisco, Wednesday, August 28, 2002) -A gay student who sued high school administrators in Reno, Nevada, for failing to stop anti-gay harassment today signed a settlement agreement that ends the lawsuit and offers broad new protections that will impact gay and lesbian students nationwide. The agreement is the first in the country to recognize the constitutional right of gay and lesbian youth to be open about their sexual orientation in schools and to be protected from discrimination and harassment by other students.

New NY State Law Giving Spousal Benefits To Gay Partners of 9/11 Victims Is A 'Significant Step Forward,' But Gay Families Still Unprotected in Tragedies

(New York, Wednesday, August 21, 2002) - About 20 lesbian and gay survivors whose partners died in the Sept. 11 attack on the World Trade Center will receive spousal benefits from insurance companies under a state law that takes effect this week. Advocates and victims' surviving partners praised the new law this morning but said thousands of other lesbians and gay men remain without the 'safety net' that is intended to protect all people whose committed partners die on the job.

In Far Reaching Lawsuit Settlement, Virginia Lets Lesbian Adopt D.C. Foster Child

(ARLINGTON, VA, Wednesday, August 14, 2002) -- A lesbian Episcopal priest in Northern Virginia will be able to adopt another foster child from the District of Columbia - and Virginia child placement officials will no longer bar such adoptions based on the parents’ sexual orientation - under a lawsuit settlement made public today. As a result of the settlement, lead counsel Lambda Legal Defense & Education Fund today filed papers in state court to dismiss the lesbian mother’s lawsuit.

New lawsuit to be filed challenging public funding of religious organization; charges Methodist Children's Home with using tax dollars to discriminate in employment and to indoctrinate foster youth in religion

WHAT: Press conference to announce filing of lawsuit, Bellmore v. United Methodist Children's Home and Department of Human Resources of Georgia

U.S. Supreme Court asked to review constitutionality of Texas "Homosexual Conduct" Law

(New York and Dallas, Tuesday, July 16, 2002) - Lambda Legal, representing two Houston men, today asked the United States Supreme Court to review the Texas "Homosexual Conduct" Law and declare it unconstitutional. That law bans intimate relations, including oral and anal sex, between consenting adults of the same sex. The Texas law does not apply to heterosexual couples, but instead singles out same-sex couples for this criminal ban. The men represented by Lambda Legal were arrested and convicted for having sex in the privacy of one man's home.

Another Lambda Legal Victory - Arkansas Supreme Court Decision Strikes Down State's Sodomy Law

(New York, Tuesday, July 9, 2002) - The Arkansas Supreme Court has ruled in Jegley v. Picado, a lawsuit brought by seven lesbian and gay Arkansas residents challenging the state's same-sex-only sodomy law, that the law violates the state constitutional rights to privacy and equal protection. Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund (Lambda Legal) was successful in urging the Court, on behalf of the plaintiffs, to void the state's ban on intimate relations between consenting adults of the same sex.

Sweeping Gay Marriage Lawsuit in New Jersey Aims for U.S. History

In an historic case aiming to legalize marriage for same-sex couples in New Jersey -- and therefore advance the rights of these couples beyond domestic partnership benefits or Vermont’s Civil Union law -- seven lesbian and gay couples filed a lawsuit against the State of New Jersey today in Hudson County Superior Court in Jersey City. The couples, declaring they were tired of paying first-class taxes while being treated like second-class citizens, demanded the state allow them to marry just like their heterosexual friends, family, and neighbors.

Sweeping Gay Marriage Lawsuit in New Jersey Aims for U.S. History

Seven lesbian and gay couples from across New Jersey, represented by Lambda Legal, to sue in state court Wednesday morning for the right to full marriage, going beyond Vermont's civil unions

The couples are from North, Central, and South Jersey

News conferences with plaintiffs on Wednesday, June 26:

10:00 am, North Jersey/New York media market:
Newark Gateway Hilton, Atlantic Room
(At Raymond Boulevard and McCarter Highway. The hotel is attached to Newark’s Penn Station, where NJ Transit, PATH and Amtrak trains arrive)