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Lambda Fights for Fired Lesbian Journalist's Day in Court 08/03/1999

(LOS ANGELES, August 3, 1999) -- In a case highlighting the need to clarify California's employment protections for lesbian and gay workers, Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund said Tuesday that it will seek to reinstate a discrimination suit on behalf of a lesbian journalist fired because of anti-gay bias.

Employment and Rights in the Workplace
Illinois Appeals Court Officially Rebukes Rogue Judge 07/21/1999

(CHICAGO, July 21, 1999) -- An Illinois appeals court, strongly affirming the right of lesbian and gay families to adopt, has formalized its rebuke of a rogue circuit court judge whose bias interfered with adoptions by two lesbian couples, Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund said Wednesday.

Adoption and Parenting
Lesbian Mom Denied Right to Seek Visitation 06/24/1999

(ATLANTA, June 24, 1999) -- A Florida appeals court has ruled that a lesbian mother who raised a child with her former partner but lacks a biological or adoptive tie to the child does not have the right to seek visitation or custody now that the couple has split up, Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund said Thursday.

Arkansas Supreme Court Gives Green Light to Sodomy Challenge 06/24/1999

(NEW YORK, June 24, 1999) -- In an important step towards overturning one of the remaining state laws banning most sexual intimacy for lesbian and gay couples, the Arkansas Supreme Court ruled unanimously Thursday that a lawsuit against the state sodomy law can proceed, Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund said.

Criminal Justice
Disappointing ADA Rulings Threaten Protections for Workers with Disabilities 06/23/1999

(NEW YORK, June 23, 1999) -- Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund expressed disappointment Wednesday over three United States Supreme Court decisions that substantially limit the scope of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

New Jersey's Highest Court Soon Will Rule on Boy Scouts' Anti-Gay Ban 06/21/1999

(NEW YORK, June 21, 1999) -- While marking the 30th anniversary of the Stonewall riots, Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund also awaits what could be another history-making event -- an upcoming ruling in its case challenging the anti-gay policy of the Boy Scouts of America on behalf of James Dale, the exemplary Eagle Scout thrown out of scouting solely because he is gay.

Supreme Court Set to Decide What Constitutes 'Disability' Under ADA 06/09/1999

(NEW YORK, June 9, 1999) -- Federal civil rights for people with disabilities will be tested when the United States Supreme Court issues three much-anticipated rulings about the reach of the Americans with Disabilities Act, Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund said Wednesday.

Seventh Circuit Refuses to Apply ADA to Health Insurance Policies 06/03/1999

(CHICAGO, June 3, 1999) In a decision with implications for many health insurance policies, a divided federal appeals court overturned a ruling that had struck down drastic restrictions on coverage for two Chicago men with HIV, despite a mountain of evidence showing there is no need for such discriminatory caps.

On the Spot -- Illinois Appeals Court Reverses Rogue Adoption Rulings by Cook County Judge 06/01/1999

(CHICAGO, June 1, 1999) -- The Illinois appeals court late Tuesday offered apologies to two lesbian families whose attempts to secure second-parent adoptions for three small children had been blocked by the extraordinary actions and rogue rulings of a Cook County judge, Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund said.

Adoption and Parenting
Landmark San Francisco Benefits Requirement for City Contractors Upheld 05/27/1999

(LOS ANGELES, May 27, 1999) ˜ The City of San Francisco's pioneering domestic partnership law cleared two big legal hurdles Thursday with a federal court defeat of challenges by the airline industry and a fundamentalist Christian-backed contractor, said Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund.