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Pennsylvania Lets Historic Custody Decision Stand in Lesbian Parenting Case 11/29/2006

(Philadelphia, November 29, 2006) — The Supreme Court of Pennsylvania let stand a lower court ruling awarding custody to Patricia Jones (a lesbian mother) because she would provide a better home than her ex-partner, Ellen Boring (the children's biological parent).

Pennsylvania's Highest Court Rules Lesbian Mom Can Seek Visitation 01/02/2002

(NEW YORK, Wednesday, January 2, 2002) —The Pennsylvania state Supreme Court has affirmed a ruling that a lesbian mother who raised a child with her former partner may seek visitation despite the biological mother’s objection, Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund, which argued the case, said Wednesday.

Plymouth-Canton Education Association v. Plymouth-Canton Board of Education 05/02/2002

Anti-LGBT Rulings, Laws and Amendments
Positive Justice Project Members Endorse REPEAL HIV Discrimination Act 09/23/2011

Members of the Positive Justice Project, a national coalition dedicated to ending the targeting of people with HIV for unreasonable criminal prosecution, voiced their support for the REPEAL HIV Discrimination Act that Congresswoman Barbara Lee (D-CA) introduced today.

Praising Massachusetts Court Ruling Allowing Same-Sex Couples To Marry, Lambda Legal Vows To Push Forward 11/18/2003

(New York, Tuesday, November 18, 2003) - Celebrating a historic Massachusetts high court ruling today granting gay couples full marriage rights, Lambda Legal vowed to push forward to win marriage for same-sex couples in New Jersey and other states.

President Obama Issues Memo on LGBT Health Issues; Calls Janice Langbehn from Air Force One 04/15/2010

President Barack Obama called Janice Langbehn from Air Force One to personally let her know that he has signed a memorandum that will have an impact on the special health care needs of LGBT people and families.

Health Care Fairness
President Obama To Lift HIV Travel Ban: Lambda Legal Says Good Riddance to Bad Policy 10/30/2009

President Signs Hate Crimes Bill into Law: 31 Advocacy Groups Hail Historic Event 10/28/2009

(New York, October 28, 2009) — After President Obama signed the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act into law this afternoon 31 lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and HIV advocacy organizations issued the following statement to mark the historic event:

Presidential Memo on Healthcare: Cathcart says, "This is how change happens." 04/16/2010

"Even the court recognized that what happened to Janice and her family was wrong but had no legal recourse to address it."

Health Care Fairness
Press Conference to Announce Establishment of 'September 11 Gay & Lesbian Family Fund' 12/11/2001

Marriage, Relationships and Family Protections