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For First Time, NY Federal Judge Strikes Down Entire Law Barring Gays From Military Service 07/02/1997

(NEW YORK, July 2, 1997) -- In the first full defeat of the military's 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' statute, a federal judge in New York today struck down the law, saying it unconstitutionally imposes special rules on gay troops.

Following mixed night for LGBT equality, Lambda Legal renews call for hope and action 11/04/2009

(Los Angeles, November 4, 2009) — In response to last night's apparent wins in Washington State and Kalamazoo, Michigan, and loss in Maine, Lambda Legal Marriage Project Director Jennifer C. Pizer released the following statement:

Following Attorney General Investigation, Arizona-based Antigay Adoption Service Stops Business in New York: Lambda Legal's Clients Vindicated 03/04/2009

(New York, March 4, 2009) — In an announcement issued today by New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, the antigay Arizona-based Adoption Profiles, LLC and Adoption Media, LLC stopped doing business in New York.

Florida's Highest Court Rejects Attack on County's Domestic Partnership Law 04/09/2001

(ATLANTA, April 9, 2001) — The Florida Supreme Court has put an end to right-wing efforts to block domestic partner benefits for unmarried public employees in Broward County, ensuring that more families can get vital health insurance and other workplace benefits, Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund said Monday.

Florida Court Upholds Alimony Obligation for Transgender Ex-Spouse: Lambda Legal Says 'Good News, Bad News' 03/28/2007

Transgender Rights
Florida Appeals Court To Hear Visitation Dispute Between Same-Sex Parents 05/07/1999

(ATLANTA, May 7, 1999) -- An increasingly common type of family dispute will reach a Florida appeals court with a visitation case concerning same-sex parents and the four-year-old girl they raised together until their relationship ended, said Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund.

Florida Appeals Court Squashes Challenge to Domestic Partnership Law 09/21/2000

(ATLANTA, September 21, 2000) — A Florida Court of Appeals upheld Broward County’s domestic partnership ordinance, derailing another right-wing effort to block domestic partner benefits for public employees, Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund said Thursday.

Florida Appeals Court Detects Anti-Gay Prejudice in Custody Decision 05/31/2000

 (ATLANTA, May 31, 2000) — Sending a strong message that the best interests of children are not served by baseless assumptions and anti-gay stereotypes, a Florida appellate court has rejected a custody decision because it allowed prejudice to keep a lesbian mother from her two young children, Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund said Wednesday.

First New York Appellate Court to Approve State Recognition of Out-of-State Marriages for Same-Sex Couples in Lambda Legal's Case 01/21/2009

Firefighters' Union Joins Lambda Legal Letter Seeking Partners Benefits for Bellevue City Employees 05/14/2007

(Bellevue, WA, May 14, 2007) — The union representing Bellevue city firefighters has joined a Lambda Legal letter in support of family benefits for City workers with domestic partners. Lambda Legal delivered the letter to Mayor Grant Degginer and members of the Bellevue City Council this morning.

Marriage, Relationships and Family Protections