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Lambda Legal Demands Changes to Bush Administration's New Regulations that Focus on Boy Scouts' Access to Schools While Ignoring Gay Student Groups

(Washington, DC — October 20, 2004) — Saying that the Bush Administration is focused on protecting the Boy Scouts’ access to public schools while ignoring the rights of gay student groups whose equal rights are often violated, Lambda Legal urged the U.S. Department of Education to add inclusive language to policy regulations that were made public this week and will go into effect within the next couple of months.

Lambda Legal and ACLU Urge Federal Court To Strike Down Nebraska Law Banning Recognition of Gay Couples

LINCOLN, NE – The American Civil Liberties Union and Lambda Legal filed their opening trial brief today in federal court urging the court to strike down a Nebraska constitutional amendment that bars the state and cities from ever granting any type of legal recognition for same-sex couples.

Ohio Appeals Court Affirms Legality of Shared Custody Agreements for Lesbian and Gay Parents, Lambda Legal Says

(Cincinnati, October 12, 2004) - An Ohio appeals court unanimously ruled that lesbian and gay couples must be allowed to protect their relationships with children they are raising together, in a decision that affirms state law and overturns a lower-court ruling that barred two women from creating a shared custody agreement, Lambda Legal said today.

Wisconsin Doctor Illegally Handled HIV Test Results and Then Refused to Treat HIV-Positive Patient, Lambda Legal Says In Complaint Filed Today

(Milwaukee, Tuesday, October 5, 2004) - Saying that a Wisconsin doctor illegally discriminated against his patient by refusing to perform surgery when he learned the man has HIV, Lambda Legal filed a lawsuit in state court today arguing the doctor violated multiple federal and state laws. Lambda Legal also argues that the doctor failed to offer proper HIV counseling services to the patient when he told him he tested HIV-positive, which is mandated by state law.

Lambda Legal Launches First National Education Campaign Aimed at Making Schools Safer for LGBTQ Youth

(New York, Tuesday, September 28, 2004) — Lambda Legal, the nation’s oldest and largest lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender legal rights advocacy organization, launches its first national youth education campaign today in an effort to make the nation’s schools safer for LGBT and questioning (LGBTQ) youth.

New York Should Not Ask Courts To Put Politics Before Principles, Lambda Legal Says in Papers Filed Today in Its Case Seeking Marriage for Gay and Lesbian Couples

(New York, Friday, September 24, 2004) — Refuting arguments from New York City attorneys saying the constitutional rights of gay people should be determined by public opinion polls and political reactions elsewhere, Lambda Legal filed court papers today in its lawsuit seeking full marriage equality in New York State.

Lambda Legal Asks New Jersey State Supreme Court to Hear Case Seeking Marriage for Same-Sex Couples

(Trenton, September 21, 2004) - Lambda Legal said today that it will ask the New Jersey Supreme Court to hear its lawsuit seeking marriage for same-sex couples. Lambda Legal filed its final appeal papers in the lawsuit today and will file papers tomorrow asking the New Jersey Supreme Court to hear the case. The state’s high court could announce within a matter of weeks whether it’s taking the case directly.

Lambda Legal Files Federal Lawsuit Seeking to Strike Down Extreme Antigay Adoption Law in Oklahoma

(Norman, Oklahoma, September 15, 2004) — In a federal lawsuit filed today, Lambda Legal seeks to overturn a law so extreme that it may leave children adopted by same-sex couples in other states orphans in the eyes of the law when the families are in the state of Oklahoma.

Lambda Legal represents same-sex couples who adopted children while living in other states and later moved to Oklahoma with their children or want to visit the state with their family.