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New Jersey Supreme Court Unanimously Strikes Down Anti-Gay Scout Ban 08/04/1999

(NEW YORK, August 4, 1999) — Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund, with its client, former Eagle Scout James Dale, will hold a news conference Wednesday at its New York headquarters to discuss the stunning victory in its case challenging the anti-gay policies of the Boy Scouts of America. A phone-in tele-conference will follow.

Unanimous New Jersey Supreme Court Strikes Down Boy Scout Anti-Gay Ban 08/05/1999

(NEW YORK, August 5, 1999) -- A unanimous New Jersey Supreme Court has unequivocally rejected the Boy Scout's anti-gay policies, a phenomenal victory hailed by Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund both for its client, the exemplary Eagle Scout James Dale, and for all who believe in Scouting values.

Youth and Schools
Lambda, Atlanta to Georgia Insurance Commish: Lift Ban on DP Health Benefits 09/21/1999

(ATLANTA, September 21, 1999) -- Arguing on behalf of an openly lesbian Atlanta resident and city councilmember, Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund hopes as early as Wednesday to help overturn an extraordinary statewide ban on health insurance coverage for domestic partners.

Health Care Fairness
Ruling from the Bench, Judge Lifts Georgia Ban on DP Health Benefits 09/22/1999

(ATLANTA, September 22, 1999) -- A Fulton County judge wasted little time at a hearing Wednesday and firmly rebuked Georgia Insurance Commissioner John Oxendine's attempts to block implementation of Atlanta's domestic partner ordinance, ordering him to lift his statewide ban on domestic partner coverage in insurance policies, Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund said.

Employment and Rights in the Workplace
Gay/Straight Alliance's Lawsuit to Proceed Against Salt Lake School Board 10/08/1999

(NEW YORK, October 8, 1999) -- Ruling that the Salt Lake City Board of Education violated a federal statute and also may have violated the First Amendment, a Utah federal district judge has given the green light to gay and straight students suing the Board for trying to ban meetings of their student club and suppressing gay-positive views in existing and new student groups.

Teens & Young Adults
High Court to Examine Funding for Student Groups at Public Universities 10/20/1999

(NEW YORK, October 20, 1999) -- On behalf of a besieged student group at the University of Wisconsin, Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund warned that free speech at public universities nationwide is at risk in the student-fee case being heard next month by the United States Supreme Court.

Do the Boy Scouts of America Have a First Amendment License to Discriminate? 10/25/1999

(NEW YORK, October 25, 1999) -- At a Washington, D.C., forum about the recent defeat of the Boy Scouts of America's anti-gay policy, Evan Wolfson, senior staff attorney at Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund, will explain why New Jersey's highest court correctly ruled that there is no first amendment problem with requiring the BSA to comply with anti-discrimination law.

Lambda Staff Attorney Cited for Helping Overturn Georgia Sodomy Law 10/27/1999

(ATLANTA, October 27, 1999) -- The Stonewall Bar Association -- the only organization for lesbian and gay legal professionals in Atlanta -- will honor an attorney for his role in helping overturn Georgia's infamous sodomy law, Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund said Wednesday.

Criminal Justice
Just Days Apart, Courts in Texas and Arkansas Hear Challenges to Sodomy Laws 10/27/1999

(NEW YORK, October 27, 1999) -- Within a three-day period in early November, courts in Texas and Arkansas will grapple with intrusive sodomy laws, placing the South in the middle of an increasingly successful lesbian and gay civil rights campaign, Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund said Wednesday.

Criminal Justice
Lambda Announces Appointment of New Development Director 11/03/1999

(NEW YORK, November 3, 1999) -- Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund announced Wednesday that Sherry Thomas has joined the organization as its director of development.