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Lambda Legal Asks New Jersey State Supreme Court to Hear Case Seeking Marriage for Same-Sex Couples

(Trenton, September 21, 2004) - Lambda Legal said today that it will ask the New Jersey Supreme Court to hear its lawsuit seeking marriage for same-sex couples. Lambda Legal filed its final appeal papers in the lawsuit today and will file papers tomorrow asking the New Jersey Supreme Court to hear the case. The state’s high court could announce within a matter of weeks whether it’s taking the case directly.

Lambda Legal Files Federal Lawsuit Seeking to Strike Down Extreme Antigay Adoption Law in Oklahoma

(Norman, Oklahoma, September 15, 2004) — In a federal lawsuit filed today, Lambda Legal seeks to overturn a law so extreme that it may leave children adopted by same-sex couples in other states orphans in the eyes of the law when the families are in the state of Oklahoma.

Lambda Legal represents same-sex couples who adopted children while living in other states and later moved to Oklahoma with their children or want to visit the state with their family.

Lambda Legal Announces Protests at WNBA Games Against Major Sponsor Foot Locker for Firing a Gay Employee; New York Protest Set for Game Thursday Night

(New York, September 14, 2004) – Lambda Legal said today that it will protest against Foot Locker outside WNBA games in several cities – including a game in New York on Thursday night – because the company discriminated against a gay employee. Foot Locker is strengthening its ties with the women’s basketball league.

Lambda Legal Advisory: What the California Supreme Court Ruling Tomorrow on Marriages in San Francisco Will, and Won't, Cover

(San Francisco – August 11, 2004) With the California Supreme Court set to issue its decision tomorrow on whether San Francisco officials had the authority to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples, Lambda Legal said today that a separate case is moving forward to secure marriage for lesbian and gay couples statewide – and that case will be unaffected by the ruling.

Gay Couples Must Be Allowed To Marry, Washington Court Says; Co-Counsel Lambda Legal Celebrates Historic Ruling, Prepares for State Supreme Court

(Seattle, August 4, 2004) - A Washington state court ruled today that same-sex couples must be allowed to marry, in a decision that Lambda Legal, co-counsel in a lawsuit on behalf of eight King County couples, called “a historic ruling for fairness and equality.”

Company Admits to Firing a Highly Skilled Georgia Worker Because He Has HIV; Lambda Legal Pushes Forward with Federal Lawsuit

(Atlanta, Georgia, July 29, 2004) - In court papers responding to a federal lawsuit Lambda Legal filed in May, Nodak Enterprises admitted firing Joey Saavedra, a veteran auto glass installer, because he has HIV.

“Nodak Enterprises has just admitted to firing our client because he has HIV, and we’re committed to holding them accountable,” said Greg Nevins, Senior Attorney in Lambda Legal’s Southern Regional Office in Atlanta. “There’s nowhere for them to go; our client was fired out of fear and bigotry-not sound science-and that is against the law.”

Lambda Legal Asks New York Court Today To Fast-Track Its Case Seeking Marriage Licenses for Gay and Lesbian Couples

“Today, we’re telling the court that this lawsuit focuses on clear questions of equality and fairness,” said Susan Sommer, Supervising Attorney at Lambda Legal, which served a motion for summary judgment in the case today. “Both sides in this case agree that a trial isn’t necessary. Couples in New York shouldn’t have to wait through a long legal process to get the protections they need - protections that only marriage can provide.”

Washington State Court To Hear Oral Arguments Tuesday, July 27, in Lambda Legal and NWWLC Case Seeking Marriage For Same-Sex Couples

(Seattle, Monday, July 26, 2004) - A Washington state court will hear oral arguments tomorrow, July 27, in a historic lawsuit seeking full marriage for same-sex couples in Washington state.