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New Jersey Appeals Court Hears Arguments In Lambda Legal's Case Seeking Marriage Equality for Same-Sex Couples

 (Trenton, December 7, 2004) – This morning, a state appeals court heard arguments in Lambda Legal’s case seeking marriage for same-sex couples in New Jersey. It’s not clear when the appeals court will issue its ruling in the case, which can then be appealed to the New Jersey Supreme Court.

David Buckel, Lambda Legal’s Marriage Project Director and the lead attorney on the case, argued on behalf of the plaintiffs today. Following is a brief statement from Buckel, issued immediately after this morning’s oral arguments:

Lambda Legal Advises Gay and Lesbian Ohioans That 'Issue 1' Blocks Marriage for Same-Sex Couples, Not Domestic Partner Rights and Other Protections

Lambda Legal issued this advisory to lesbian and gay people in Ohio, as that state's new law went into effect. We are developing similar analyses for people in other states with newly passed amendments to constitutions. We know that couples in many states have questions about these new laws, and Lambda Legal will work with them to make sure their relationships are respected and protected. Please contact Lambda Legal's Help Desk if you have questions or think your rights are being threatened.

Lambda Legal Says U.S. Supreme Court Declining To Hear Challenge to Same-Sex Couples Marrying in Massachusetts Is 'Another Reminder that When Same-Sex Couples Are Allowed To Marry, Other Couples Don't Lose Rights or Respect'

(Washington, DC, November 29, 2004) -- Lambda Legal issued the following statement this morning after the U.S. Supreme Court declined to hear a case from right-wing antigay groups challenging a Massachusetts state law that allows same-sex couples to marry. The statement is from David Buckel, Lambda Legal Marriage Project Director.

Same-Sex Couples Must Be Treated Equally and Allowed To Marry, Co-Counsel Lambda Legal Tells Washington State Supreme Court

 (Seattle, November 24, 2004) — Same-sex couples must be allowed to marry in Washington State, according to a brief filed by Lambda Legal and the Northwest Women’s Law Center at the state Supreme Court today. The brief asks the state’s high court to uphold a ruling earlier this year that said the state’s prohibition on same-sex couples marrying is a violation of the Washington Constitution.

Lambda Legal Asks Federal Appeals Court to Grant Asylum to Gay Mexican Immigrant Who Suffered Severe Persecution from Police and Public

(Los Angeles, October 26, 2004) Lambda Legal today urged a federal appeals court to grant asylum to a man who faced severe antigay persecution in his native Mexico but was rejected for asylum by an immigration judge who said he didn't seem gay and could hide his sexual orientation to avoid persecution.

Lambda Legal Files Brief in Virginia Supreme Court Seeking Birth Certificates for Children Born in Virginia and Adopted by Same-Sex Couples in Other States

(Richmond, VA, October 25, 2004) - Lambda Legal today filed a brief in the Virginia Supreme Court seeking birth certificates for children who were born in Virginia and adopted by same-sex couples out of state. A lower court refused to order state officials to issue birth certificates that accurately reflect both legal parents.

San Diego Lesbian Couple Must Have Equal Benefits at Their Country Club, Lambda Legal Says in Filing at California Supreme Court

(San Diego, October 25, 2004) - Same-sex couples in California should have full and equal benefits at country clubs and other businesses, Lambda Legal said today in a brief filed with the California Supreme Court. Lambda Legal represents a lesbian couple whose San Diego country club refused to treat them like other committed couples.