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California Supreme Court Rules That Businesses Cannot Discriminate Against Domestic Partners

(San Francisco, August 1, 2005)—In a ruling issued today in a case argued by Lambda Legal, the California Supreme Court said that if businesses in California provide benefits to married couples they must also extend them on equal terms to same-sex couples who are registered domestic partners.

Lambda Legal Sues New York Department of Civil Service Seeking Benefits for Spouses of Gay and Lesbian State Employees

(New York, July 26, 2005) — In court papers made public today in state court in Nassau County, Lambda Legal named the New York State Department of Civil Service as a defendant in its case against Uniondale Union Free School District for refusing to extend spousal medical benefits to a retired gay couple who were legally married in Canada last year.

Lambda Legal Statement Regarding Antigay California Ballot Initiative

(Los Angeles, July 25, 2005) Lambda Legal Western Regional Office Director, Katherine Gabel, made the following statement concerning the proposed amendment to the California Constitution made public today by Attorney General Lockyer:

Lambda Legal Seeks to Reverse Custody Restriction That Bars a Mississippi Mother from Allowing Contact Between Children and Their Aunt

(Jackson, MS, July 20, 2005) — Lambda Legal today filed a brief in the Chancery Court of Jackson County on behalf of a Mississippi mother who has been barred from allowing her children to have contact with their aunt because she has HIV.

Lambda Legal represents Keri Rowell, who was granted an extension of the temporary custody of her three children contingent upon their being denied physical contact with their aunt, Tanya Wilkins, because she has HIV. Rowell wishes to live with her sister but is unable to do so as a result of the restriction.

Lambda Legal Says Nomination of Judge John G. Roberts Raises "Serious Concern" and Vows Thorough Investigation

(New York, July 20, 2005) — Lambda Legal Executive Director Kevin Cathcart made the following statement concerning the nomination of Judge John G. Roberts.

“In nominating Judge John G. Roberts to replace Justice O’Connor on the Supreme Court President Bush has just about guaranteed that divisiveness will continue to reign in the judicial nomination process. Some have suggested that Judge Roberts is well-liked, but with all due respect, we need to know if he will stand up for the rights of all Americans not whether some people think he’s a nice guy.”

"The LGBT and HIV communities have a huge stake in ensuring that [Justice Sandra Day O'Connor's] replacement is not an extremist ideologue..."

(New York, July 5, 2005) Lambda Legal Executive Director Kevin Cathcart made the following statement concerning the resignation of Justice Sandra Day O’Connor this past Friday, July 1, 2005:

Federal Appeals Court to Hear Arguments in Lambda Legal's Lawsuit Against Harrah's Casino for Sex Discrimination

(San Francisco, Tuesday, June 21, 2005) — In a rare reconsideration of a three-judge panel decision, a full panel of eleven judges of the Ninth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals will rehear oral arguments in a sex discrimination case against Harrah's Casino. Darlene Jespersen, an exemplary employee of 20 years, was fired because she declined to conform to rigid sex stereotypes in Harrah’s mandatory makeup code.

Iowa Supreme Court Rejects Antigay Activists' Claims in Lesbian Civil Union Dissolution Case: Lambda Legal Declares Victory

(Des Moines, Iowa, June 17, 2005) — In a decision issued today, the Iowa Supreme Court rejected claims made by antigay activists and individual legislators that they had a right to interfere in the civil union dissolution between two Sioux City women.

Finding that the challengers had no “legally recognized or personal stake in the underlying case” the Court held that “simply having an opinion” is not enough to interfere in the personal matters of other people and declined to consider the challengers’ legal claims.