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Lambda Helps San Francisco Fight For Domestic Partner Benefit Breakthrough 10/02/1997

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Thursday, October 2, 1997Contact: Jennifer C. Pizer, 213-937-2728, ext. 223; Peg Byron, 212-809-8585, ext. 230, 888-987-1984 (pager)

Lambda Helps Gay Cops Strike Blow Against Anti-Gay Policy 10/05/1998

(NEW YORK, October 5, 1998) -- In an important victory for lesbian and gay law enforcement personnel and the Puerto Rican gay community, Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund said Monday that a federal judge has struck down a disciplinary rule that absolutely prohibits Puerto Rico police officers from associating with lesbians and gay men.

Criminal Justice
Lambda Helps Fight for Protection for Employees with HIV 02/23/1998

(LOS ANGELES, February 23, 1998) -- Argument in California appeals court will take place Tuesday, February 24, in a case that challenges a ruling that a person who seeks disability payments after losing his job may not contest the firing as discriminatory.

Lambda Helps Defeat Georgia Sodomy Law 11/23/1998

(ATLANTA, November 23, 1998) ? Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund Monday helped defeat the Georgia sodomy statute, in a victory for the right to privacy under the state?s Constitution and against a notorious national symbol of anti-gay hostility and discrimination.

Criminal Justice
Lambda Helps Bring a Personal Angle to Domestic Partner Lawsuit 05/13/1999

(ATLANTA, May 13, 1999) -- Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund has asked a Georgia judge to allow an Atlanta Councilmember to join the fight against the State Insurance Commissioner's ban on insurance companies' selling policies with domestic partner health coverage.

Employment and Rights in the Workplace
Lambda Fights to Keep Domestic Partner Benefits in Arizona 03/12/1998

(LOS ANGELES, March 12, 1998) -- On behalf of five employees of Pima County, Arizona, Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund is fighting to keep domestic partner health insurance benefits for county workers.

Lambda Fights Insurer's Refusal to Pay Disability Benefits to Man with AIDS 05/26/1998

(LOS ANGELES, May 27, 1998) -- Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund is urging a California appeals court to rule against an insurance industry practice aimed at denying disability benefits to people with AIDS and other illnesses.

Lambda Fights for Fired Lesbian Journalist's Day in Court 08/03/1999

(LOS ANGELES, August 3, 1999) -- In a case highlighting the need to clarify California's employment protections for lesbian and gay workers, Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund said Tuesday that it will seek to reinstate a discrimination suit on behalf of a lesbian journalist fired because of anti-gay bias.

Employment and Rights in the Workplace
Lambda Fights Anti-Gay Discrimination By Boy Scouts in New Jersey 12/05/1997

(NEW YORK, December 5, 1997) -- Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund is continuing its battle on behalf of a New Jersey Eagle Scout, who challenged his expulsion by the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) because he is gay as a violation of New Jersey's anti-discrimination law.

Teens & Young Adults
Lambda Demands Insurer Cover Disability Claim of Ex-Court Reporter with AIDS 04/03/2000

(LOS ANGELES, April 3, 2000) —A Massachusetts-based insurer that callously refused to pay disability benefits to a long-time policyholder with HIV should stand trial for violating state law that prohibits such unfair insurance practices, said Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund Monday.