Groups challenge school district over human rights law

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"Eleven advocacy groups are taking issue with a claim that the East Meadow School District does not consider itself an 'education corporation or association.'

"The district made that claim in its appeal of a state Division of Human Rights decision that East Meadow violated human rights law in not allowing a hearing-impaired boy to bring his service dog to school.

"...Lambda Legal filed the brief on behalf of the 11 organizations even though the case does not involve any gay rights issues.

"'We got involved because the outcome on that issue can have very widespread impact on a lot of students, regardless of the kind of discrimination at issue,' said Michael Kavey, a Lambda Legal lawyer.

"...Leon Friedman, a professor of constitutional law at Hofstra Law School called the district's claim 'silly.'

"...He doesn't think the district's claim will hold up in court. 'The amicus brief very thoroughly demolishes that argument,' he said."